Nature in your refrigerator

Home Edition

We are pleased to present our new 750 ml. mySmoothie.

We think it is perfect to have at home. A ready to drink smoothie when you start your day or when your friends come by during the weekend for a “long” breakfast. With a dreamcap closure which makes it easy to open and close. The dreamcap ensures that mySmoothie stays fresh and tasteful. mySmoothie Home Edition comes with 100% good fruit and berries that ensure a unique and tasty product.

Same familiar taste and quality as always.


Besides soothing your throat and keeping your eyes wet. This pistachio and cashew cousin is your perfect match for a post work-out recovery.

Wild Blueberry

The Wild Blueberries we use grow wild in the forests and ripen slowly, handpicked especially for you.
Treat yourself to a Wild Blueberry mySmoothie, packed with the goodness of the original forest berry snack.



Break your morning with a refreshing Raspberry smoothie. Enjoy the sweet taste with a hint of bitterness and a flowery aftertaste. They remind us of summer and we like the taste of summer all year around.


Don´t be afraid – I am all Natural…
• No additives • No sugar added • No preservatives