“Natural goodness” 

No additives • No sugar added • No preservatives

Classic Range

The ”Classic range” takes us back to the early beginnings of the company. It is made with passion and aligned to taste and origin of the crushed berries served in Lapland many years ago.

We are dedicated to quality and make no compromises in creating a tasty berry smoothie using only the best and most pure ingredients around.

 We have been making smoothies for years, committed to keep them as fresh and pure as ever. Our customers’ loyalty and appreciation is worth all our hard work and effort. Still here and moving forward.

Wild Blueberry

The Wild Blueberries we use grow wild in the forests and ripen slowly, handpicked especially for you.
Treat yourself to a Wild Blueberries mySmoothie, packed with the goodness of the original forest berry snack.


The ruby interior of a pomegranate cut in two can rival any jewellery. Make your life fruitier with a tasty serving of Pomegranate mySmoothie as soon as you can. You won’t regret it. “I may look at little different but beauty comes from within.” 


Have you ever tried Acai berries? Drink an Acai mySmoothie today, and experience one of South America’s best kept secrets.


Coconut milk, Pineapple, Lemon, Banana and Dietary fibre combined in a well mixed smoothie taking the best of each ingredient and combining them into a good tasting smoothie.


Break your morning with a refreshing Raspberry smoothie. Enjoy the sweet taste with a hint of bitterness and a flowery aftertaste. They remind us of summer and we like the taste of summer all year around.


Besides soothing your throat and keeping your eyes wet. This pistachio and cashew cousin is your perfect match for a post work-out recovery.


Once called the ‘snake-berry’, thus avoided by many, was re-named by the Swede physician and botanist Linnaeus.

• No additives • No sugar added • No preservatives