mySmoothie Veggie

With the introduction of mySmoothie Veggie, We have chosen to go green, aiming for good natural approach bringing Vegetables into our classics. The Veggies is important to us! We strive to introduce and give our customers the best natural selection of smoothies.
mySmoothie VEGGIE –  made in Sweden – containing a strong base of natural quality ingredients.


Beetroot grown good and natural in the topsoil. Compared to the berries using the Sun to grow smooth and tasty, the Beetroot use the Sun the grow in the top soil, making you taste the natural feeling with in. Mixed with Carrot, Apple and other Natural good ingredients and with a Twist of Ginger.
 Go Veggie, Go Natural!


We bring the Veggies to your breakfast, on-the-go and when you go slow. A smoothie with a good selection of natural ingredients and a good smooth after taste of Mint. Enjoy and to get a natural shot of fruit “goodness” the easy way.
 Go Veggie – Go Natural!

mySmoothie VEGGIE, made in Sweden
Made with a strong base of all natural green & fruits!
Don´t be afraid… It is full of goodness:-)